Just who is Castheads?

Our sole printed copy... just to see how great it looks

Our sole printed copy… just to see how great it looks

CastHeads Magazine is a digital publication dedicated to enhancing the lives of collectors all across the world. Providing information on new models, reviews on brands and diecast accessories like figures and dioramas. Also throwing light on customizers, photographers and people who contribute to making the diecast world more vibrant.
Lance and Nigel rolling in style into Kuala Lumpur

This magazine is the progeny of two avid diecast collectors form Sri Lanka, Nigel J De Zilwa instagram.com/nigeljdz and Lance K Müller instagram.com/jsdiecastgarage. They started out making display shelves and desktop dioramas. Then an idea begin to germinate to start a digital magazine in 2018 to cater to the collectors in Asia as there had never been a Pan-Asian magazine.

The beginning of the magazine evolved into more countries across the world. The inaugural magazine saw the support of brands like Tarmac Works and DNA Collectibles and retailers like Collectique from Sri Lanka and JL Hobby from Malaysia. The first issue had less than forty pages.

The magazine has continued to grow with each issue. From starting out with 38 pages, it has grown to more than 160 plus pages with diverse brands like Majorette, Tarmac Works, Maisto, Schuco and Bburago models adorning it’s pages, customizers from South Africa, Australia and the United States, photographers from Germany, Indonesia and far flung locales and of course fans in over 72 countries. It also has many contributors constantly sending content to the magazine.

Castheads also visited and participated in Singapore and Malaysia Diecast Expos in 2018/2019 and continue to be a part of the Pan-Asian diecast scene with its connections to the three major diecast events. 2019 saw many changes. Castheads got a incorporated as a company and saw the addition of another. Yusuf Iqbal, who joined as a shareholder/director to drive the digital progression of the magazine and future proof it for all our readers. We are also listed with PR Newswire Asia that connects us to more than 300k news outlets across the world.

Joe Kanno, Lance and Nigel at the Malaysia Diecast Expo

2020 have been a tumultuous year, not only for Castheads, but for the entire world. But we continue to move forward and ensure our fans continue to receive the magazine no matter what.

“This page will continue to expand as time goes by as we are sure that more and more things will continue to happen”.

Lance Muller, Co-Founder – Castheads